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  • Do I have to be Presbyterian to live at one of the communities or receive care and services in my home?

    No. Presbyterian SeniorCare Network and its affiliates welcome persons of all faiths. If you live in one of our communities, you’ll find a number of programs to meet the spiritual needs of a variety of denominations.

  • Do I have to be a certain age to live at a Presbyterian SeniorCare Network community?

    At our personal care, skilled nursing and continuing care retirement communities, we specialize in serving older adults. There are eligibility criteria, including age requirements, for our affordable housing communities. Generally, your medical needs will be the primary factor in determining admission and your level of care.

  • What are the different types of care available at Presbyterian SeniorCare Network?

    As an accredited Network, we offer a continuum of living and care options. In addition to our at-home program, we offer short-term rehabilitation services as well as a variety of senior living options including personal care, specialized dementia care and skilled nursing communities, supportive and affordable housing, and independent living through our premier continuing care retirement communities or CCRCs.

  • What is a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)?

    It is an option that enables active, generally healthy older adults to maintain their independence in a senior living community that offers on-site healthcare services. A CCRC offers a variety of accommodations and services for a one-time entrance fee and an ongoing monthly fee. We also offer options to lower your entrance fees. Under our full range of services, CCRC residents have access to other services in our Network as their care needs increase.

  • Does my doctor have to refer me to Presbyterian SeniorCare Network?

    No, a doctor does not need to make a referral. However, residents may be required to have a medical examination before admission.

  • Will my family member be able to keep his or her primary care physician?

    Yes. Your loved one may keep his or her primary care physician, but any physician must be credentialed by Presbyterian SeniorCare Network to provide care at any of our communities.

  • Are children able to visit?

    Absolutely! A Presbyterian SeniorCare Network community is your loved one’s home. As with all family and friends, visitors are welcome at the residents' choosing. Visiting hours are unrestricted at all communities, and we hold many events and activities to which family and friends are invited.

  • What happens if we run out of money to pay for our care?

    Presbyterian SeniorCare Network is proud that no resident has been asked to leave due to an inability to pay. Presbyterian SeniorCare Network will explore available financial options to assist you and your loved one.

  • What happens if additional care is required?

    Presbyterian SeniorCare Network residents have a distinct advantage if their care needs change. Under our full range of services, known as our Continuum of Care, we offer a variety of living and care options that enable individuals to transition between care levels.

  • Does Medicare pay for any portion of the cost of care?

    Yes in certain circumstances. The level and type of care determine if and what Medicare will cover. Medicare covers the cost for care provided by a skilled professional, such as a physical or occupational therapist. It will not provide reimbursement for intermediate care or personal care. 


To learn more, please call 412-828-5600 or contact us here.

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