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Center for Innovation & Care Transformation

Access to healthcare is fragmented, complicated and overwhelming.

And this is especially true for older adults.

Last year Presbyterian SeniorCare Network committed to taking on this problem, and, with a funding grant, established the Center for Innovation & Care Transformation (CICT).

To date, CICT has launched these initiatives:

  • Dementia Care Center of Excellence Outreach: Extending our reach to other senior care providers across the country to bring a better care experience to individuals living with dementia and their families.
  • Dementia360 Expansion: Expansion of our Dementia360 program to provide caregiver support and care coordination services to more individuals living with dementia in the community through a payer partnership to serve lower-income insurance members.
  • Standardized Network Education Tools and Resources: Easy-to-understand health education about effective health management, wellness and medications is available through an online platform for our team members to utilize to help our residents and members take better care of themselves and make healthier decisions.
  • Collaborative Healthy Living Clinics: Primary care clinics and in-home primary care services for our residents located in our affordable housing communities.

About CICT:

“Join us on this beautiful journey to support the burgeoning generation of older adults.” – Celeste L. Golonski

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