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Dementia360 – A Full Circle Approach to Helping
Caregivers of Family Members Living with Dementia.

You Are Not Alone!

Dementia360 is a comprehensive care coordination program designed to support YOU in caring for your family member at home because no two experiences providing care for a person living with dementia are the same.

The Dementia360 team will work with YOU to identify you and your family member’s unique needs, challenges and what matters most. Together we’ll design a Personalized Roadmap to address these needs, learn more about the disease and plan for the future.

Caregiving for someone living with dementia changes over time. Dementia360 is designed to provide support throughout your caregiving journey. As your needs change, our interactions and interventions will evolve to ensure YOU feel supported.

Learn more by calling 412-435-8950 or complete the form on this page.

How Dementia360 Can Help

Dementia360 provides a caregiving support system that can help you:

  • Improve the time together that you and your family member share.
  • Learn more about dementia and care strategies to lessen stress while you provide care.
  • Design creative approaches to address challenges and successfully manage your family member’s disease at home.
  • Connect with the right community resources to support you at the right time.
  • Strike a balance between caring for your family member and caring for yourself.
  • Extend the length of time your family member can comfortably and safely stay at home.

How Dementia360 Works

Your Own Care Coordinator
Every member is matched with a personal Dementia360 Care Coordinator who will be your support system. Each Care Coordinator is a Certified Dementia Practitioner with an extensive healthcare background.

In-Home Visit
At the beginning of the program, your Dementia360 Care Coordinator will visit your home, which allows us to get to know each other, learn more about your caregiving routine, understand your home environment and identify how Dementia360 can best support you and your family member.

Personalized Roadmap
After your in-home visit, you will receive a resource guide and Personalized Roadmap. Based on the needs you indicated were most important during the initial visit, we will prioritize which interventions and skills are most important to work on together.

Ongoing Support
You’ll have regularly scheduled follow-up calls with your Dementia360 Care Coordinator where you work together on the items from your Roadmap, identify new areas of focus and evaluate potential solutions. You can also contact your Care Coordinator with questions or concerns at any time.

Developed By A Leader In Dementia Care

Presbyterian SeniorCare Network® is recognized as a Dementia Care center of Excellence based on nearly 30 years of innovation in dementia care. We developed Dementia360 as one of the country’s first in-home care coordination programs designed specifically for family caregivers and people living with dementia.

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To learn more about Dementia360 call us at 412.435.8950, email us at Dementia360@SrCare.org or fill out the form on this page. Some one will follow up on your inquiry within the next business day.

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