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Needles and hooks: busy hands, good times

May 31, 2017

The simple one-word name for the group is the Stitchers. Click here to read more about a group of residents at Shenango on the Green, our campus in New Wilmington, who have expertise in crochet, knitting and cross stitch. 

Presbyterian SeniorCare Network Wins Engaging Pittsburgh Award

April 10, 2017

On April 5, 2017, Presbyterian SeniorCare Network was awarded the PHRA Engaging Pittsburgh Award in the "transparency" category for our annual Passport Program

About the Passport Program: Annually, each employee develops three Passport goals for the year with the understanding that their personal commitment matters to our organization achieving goals on behalf of the residents served. In a very real and clear way, each employees Passport Goals contribute to the achievement of our strategic plan goals and our ongoing success and sustainability.

In 2017, our Passport theme is "United at the Heart," which offers a meaningful and "heartwarming" way to help team members connect to purpose and to reach their goals. To help bring the theme to life, we have a Passport Team made up of several employees from across our Network. The team helps to plan an event that brings everyone together to celebrate their goals. The celebration not only encourages the completion of the current year's goals, but also celebrates achieving the previous year's goals.

At the awards ceremony, members of our Passport Team accept the award.

From L to R: Caren Shadeck (Washington campus), Grace Smith (Longwood at Home), Adam Plott (Washington campus), Mary Kate Bartley (Oakmont campus), Karen Bushmire (SeniorCare Network), Beth Mickle (Shenango on the Green), Liz Thompson (Oakmont campus) and Paul Winkler, President and CEO, Presbyterian SeniorCare Network. 

About the PHRA Awards: For over a decade the Pittsburgh Human Resources Association's (PHRA) Engaging Pittsburgh: Innovative People Practices has recognized employees and employers from across the region who have demonstrated creativity in designing business practices that have significantly contributed towards organizational and employee achievements. 

Presbyterian SeniorCare Network Oakmont campus medical director receives 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award

April 5, 2017

Vincent Balestrino, MD, is the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, which recognizes and honors a physician who has made significant contributions to the education and training of learners in geriatrics education, with the utmost dedication, commitment and teaching excellence spanning their professional career.

Dr. Balestrino has made significant contributions to the growth of geriatrics education in the Pittsburgh region and has inspired numerous learners to be passionate about the specialty.

He has been a clinical assistant professor of family medicine at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine since 1997 and served as the director of the Geriatric Fellowship program at UPMC St. Margaret from 2004 to June 2012; a role that he recently resumed on an interim basis after the departure of the fellowship director. Dr. Balestrino currently serves as associate director of the Family Practice Residency program at UPMC St. Margaret Hospital.

Dr. Balestrino is director, Geriatric Services, UPMC St. Margaret. His experience and leadership also extend to long-term care and palliative care and his particular areas of interest include end of life care and wound care. In April 2015, he took on a new role as senior medical director at the Presbyterian SeniorCare Oakmont campus.

Click here to read the full article.

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