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Supportive services for seniors

Serving affordable housing residents in western Pennsylvania.

Simply stated, we make aging easier with services and resources to help you. Most of our affordable housing communities have Service Coordinators, in addition to the property manager, who will personally sit down with you, help to assess your needs, and monitor and schedule services as you need them. They have strong ties with service providers and other agencies in the community. They will refer you to the appropriate people and monitor how well the services are being provided to meet your needs. 

  • Services

    While specific services will vary, depending on the community you choose, they can include:

    • Advocacy on behalf of the resident when they reach a barrier to services
    • Assistance in obtaining information and/or referral to services that optimize and maintain the physical health of the resident 
    • Utilizing the Presbyterian SeniorCare Network philosophy of person-centered practices with all interactions
    • Wellness Program (offered at a number of our communities)

Using Service Coordinators is making a positive difference. In fact, senior living communities with Service Coordinators have found that residents are able to remain at home for a longer period of time than those living in communities without Service Coordinators.

That’s the difference in supportive housing communities managed by SeniorCare Network, where you will find Community Managers and Service Coordinators working as a team to meet your physical, social and emotional needs.

To learn more, please call 412-435-8969 or contact us here.

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